2011-01-30 в 12:05 

The Fool on the Hill
Звучит как "God mode on"))))))))))

2011-01-30 в 19:38 

нет-нет, Эвтаназия!
январис yes, quite close, cause here, in Finland I'm just like in heaven)) Sorry for Enlish - there is no Rus letters))
How are U, dear? Nice to read even smth from U^__^

2011-01-30 в 20:02 

The Fool on the Hill
[yugin] Hah, english is not in the keyboard, it's in your head))) finnenglish girl))
Is it possible that you're in greatest-country-ever now? Whoa, I'm amazed)
How you spend your time?
Yea, I'm so impressed to hear fine news from you!
Sorry for errors, сorrect me plz.)

2011-01-30 в 20:26 

нет-нет, Эвтаназия!
январис you're great english-comment-writer, dear)) thnx! yeah, I'm so happy!
I spent my time with dashing through the hill down on the sledge, study fin language, eating, talking to my new friends and walking in the forest and breath fresh air! Ahhhh... here is completly brilliant air. It's like treasure, really ))
Yesterday I bought some stupid stuff in the shop (we were in nearby town - Savonlinna) - pencils to draw by skin and calendar with so-called finnish hero - Kiroileva Siili
here it is

Nice shopping I think))
And how are U? How is your exams and so on? Be glad to read even something from you here)

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